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Super byte netware



software & platform development

We specialize in B2B software and platform development across multiple industry verticals using the web, native and cross-platform mobile apps for multiple mobile OS – Android and iOS. Our development services provide our customers with access to services that are agile, fast and low-risk. With full transparency and with a successful track record, we are the ideal partner for any B2B business needs.



We deliver new generation, highly integrated modular data center intelligent energy management solution. Increasing energy requirement or decreasing it are issues of the past with our solution. Each client’s requirement varies with their strategic business plans and available budget. We tailor our solution to each of our client's requirement emphasizing on growth potential, modular expansion and overall cost savings in their Data Center life-cycle management. All these are achieved without any operational downtime and wastage of resources, money and time. 



We create advanced training, development and instructions by tailoring them to client specific learning styles, needs and environment creating value to the people and businesses who invest in them. We combine industry-leading learning content with ways to deliver that content that works for any business environment. And we accomplish this by getting to know the businesses we serve and tying our learning solutions to real achievable business objectives.

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