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Program Latihan Madani.

Program Latihan Madani (PLM) is an initiative aimed at empowering the country’s micro-SMEs and communities in need through training and development opportunities. The programme, announced by the Prime Minister of Malaysia, Yang Amat Berhormat Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim, as part of Budget 2024, seeks to expand access to training and development for employees within micro-SMEs, persons with disabilities (PWDs), senior citizens, retirees, current and formerly incarcerated persons and B40 communities.

As a ATP under HRD Corp of Malaysia, we are proud to support HRD Corp's human capital development efforts and SBNSB is honored to partner with HRD Corp to deliver this mandate by the YAB Prime Minister. We are committed to strengthening the learning and development ecosystem for all Malaysians in line with our aspiration in humanize the delivery of essential skills training, broaden critical knowledge and assist HRD Corp in building an inclusive and cohesive society.
SBNSB is proud to be a part of this initiative and below is our first program for this initiative but stay tuned as we progressively roll out more initiatives in the future!

Freelance Graphic and Media Consultant PROGRAM (SPonsored madani program via hrdcorp)
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Graphic Designer
Mask Maker

Freelance Graphic and Media Consultant

In today’s world of Post MCO after the COVID9 pandemic, marketing and media plays a pivotal role for companies that want to be successful, be it large conglomerate or SMEs or MSMEs. A successful Freelance Graphics and Media Consultant would be able to utilize graphic and color in conjunction with marketing campaign to influence their potential clients and to enable their client’s company to be perceived in a different light. As the cost of maintaining a marketing team comprising of designers and media personnel is considered a luxury now especially now after the COVID19 pandemic, most companies or SME will not invest in such a position or find it not a priority for them to do so. Companies would turn to freelancers for a quick solution. This program is design to provide these graphic, video and media related skills to the Individual Freelancer to differentiate themselves from the competition and be creative and have an additional stream of income to sustain themselves during these post MCO times. Freelancers can generate up to MYR 1,500 to 3,000 in additional source of income in they are dedicated and hardworking. A graphic design course gives participants the opportunity to become experienced in the digital media world, producing high-quality designs using the latest and greatest in computer software. Participants learn how to create unique digital media in order to convey messages with images and written word. Some common graphic design includes 2D animation, typography, photography, video editing and print, among others, and participants can choose a course that fits within their desired area of interest. This course covers Graphics, Media and Video Design Training. Completing Freelance Graphics and Media Consultant course allows individuals the opportunity to reposition themselves in a better standing and to find greater opportunities and clients through DESIGN that are appealing to the clients. When finished, students will have the knowledge in many different area, including basic advertising, publishing, electronic media and packaging. With a higher level of expertise in graphic design, individuals are better able to retain their customers in these difficult time post MCO. Adobe conducted research to identify the foundational skill clients need to effectively communicate using digital media tools. Based on feedback from educators, design professionals, businesses, and educational institutions around the world, the objectives cover entry-level to intermediate skill expectations for graphic design and media is covered in this course.

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